FOLD Tokenomics

Can someone explain to me the purpose, utility, and overall tokenomics of FOLD? Can’t find that information anywhere, and the docs do not outline it as well.

The main function of the token is to stake for a share of the protocol revenue which will be paid in stablecoin. We are developing an article for the new knowledge base on this but since there will be a version 2 of staking soon we don’t have all of the detail yet.

Tokenomics haven’t changed though, you can read more about that here Manifold IDO — Everything You Need to Know | by Manifold Finance | Manifold Finance | Medium

Private sale tokens are all unlocked as of June 2021, there are still some team tokens yet to be unlocked which are held in the Manifold finance deployer address 0xa0766b65a4f7b1da79a1af79ac695456efa28644

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