"not a known validator"

I’d like to report what seems like a bug. I recently added a new validator and securerpc relay keeps throwing the error below. this does not happen on any other relay, I run almost all of them. also, this is the only validator that this error is thrown for, all my other validators get registered just fine.

mev-boost_1 | time="2023-02-17T09:20:47Z" level=warning msg="error calling registerValidator on relay" error="HTTP error response: 400 / {\"code\":400,\"message\":\"not a known validator: 0x85...\"}\n" method=registerValidator numRegistrations=6 ua=okhttp/4.9.3 url="https://mainnet-relay.securerpc.com/eth/v1/builder/validators" version=v1.4.0

of course I confirmed the the public key displayed in the error response is correct and I can find my validator with it on beaconcha.in

the validator has not had any proposals yet, in case that’s relevant.

please may you take a look at this?

This shit is not working… Rekt

Hi, this should be fixed now. Let us know if you’re still having issues.