FOLD and MEV Math

I’m having trouble deciphering the example provided in the latest relayooor update.

In the MEV token section it’s written that:

The mevETH Utility Token earns the net APY earned by the MEV Auction platform, representing the surplus yield left after paying validators and the insurance fee. As an example, let’s say the platform generates 0.7% additional APY, after the Insurance fee we would have 0.35% APY, with 0.1% going to validator APY and the remainder 0.25% APY going to mevETH Utility Token Gauges.

My understanding is that in this example the MOAM generates an additional 0.7% APY relative to what validators would earn outside of the MOAM ecosystem.

Then, it says the 0.7% in yield is directed to 3 streams in the following amounts

  1. Insurance fee (which is split in 3 parts as described in the insurance fee sections): 0.35%. i.e. 50% of net revenue earned by MOAM
  2. Validators: 0.1%. i.e. 14.29% of net revenue earned by MOAM
  3. MEV gauges: 0.25%. i.e. 35.71% of net revenue earned by MOAM

Am I understanding this correctly? pls reply with confirmation or an updated example for us smooth brains.

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