Fold + mevETH revenue model

Dear all,

I’d like to have a clarification regarding the revenue model and the direction of the income streams for mevETH and Fold stakers.

What I’m looking for:

A list of revenue streams. Ex:

  1. Validation revenue
  2. Bribes from bundle inclusion by searchers
  3. Proprietary MEV strategies …

And then, for each stream, its allocation. Ex:

  1. mevETH (100%)
  2. MevETH (70%), Fold stakers (30%)
  3. Fold stakers (50%), team (50%)

Etc. You get the idea.


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I would be very much interested in those information too :eyes:

will be posting this week regarding this.

Here is a smol taste though: sFOLD | Manifold Docs

Note: this is Better Eth pt 4 or 5 in depth

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