Questions for Sept 19, 2023 X (Twitter) Space with Sam and Machi

Please feel free to ask any questions in advance here.

Could you detail which components will be part of the meveth launch and which components are to be released later on (plus a rough estimate on which term)?

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Please explain FOLD tokenomics - 2 milion tokens, no inflation. FOLD will beneeded for API endpoint access. What happen next, retained to Manifold team for staking or burned, or mixed?

Can you explain staking/lending rewards, paid in ETH. From what areas and how much will stakers benefit? 2% from ETH staked value + insurance fee (outage/slashing risk), any other?

Will banana gunners ever send us some briberinos? For now all getting bundled by bloxroute

What is the approximate APY for FOLD at the current revenue levels?