Community call questions for October 1st 2022

Please post your questions in reply here. Time of call 2.15pm PST in Manifold finance discord

Topics for Discussion (edit: sam)

  • Sam also what are we going to charge for our block building activities. Can you add that to the list for Saturday?

  • are you satisfied with the rate of validators registering with securerpc relay to launch ze missles this week/weekend?

  • we working on forming a cartel or underpricing other relays? Or not yet decided


Can you give your vision in detail of how Fold will utilize restaking?

Are you planning on using Eigenlayer? What service are you planning on providing?

You mentioned secureRPC has better settlement times than other relayers. Is this still true after the merge?

Can you quantify how much better the settlement times are?

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How are you planning on utilizing the latest fundraising round? To what parts of the project will the money go, in what percentages? (rough estimate is fine)

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How much yield is each FOLD token going to generate for the holder. I think many people are waiting on the sidelines for an estimate of this number. Because when the number is actually released, it will cause a lot of volatility in the chart. And no one wants to be on the wrong end of that volatility. So would be good to get some of that speculation out of the way, right now. Any sort of estimates/ranges/even guess, of the yield, would be appreciated. Thank you.

Is there any chance for us to enter V2 Staking without incurring a taxable event? Considering price has gone up by quite a bit, having a taxable event by essentially just continuing to stake, wouldn´t be ideal.

Wanna congratulate Manifold team on hitting it’s objectives & being laser focused on it’s tasks at hand. Some questions which the community members are wondering are,

  1. Are we gonna monetize the MEV-Boost Relays/builder revenue? If so, any clarification on this topic would be immensely helpful.

  2. Can we get some sort of Contest going on twitter or other social platforms to create awareness about SecureRPC relay, perhaps meme contest regarding our super duper awesome relay. (Pss can’t do it on telegram because of media upload restriction there)

  3. Sam, you have expressed you concern regarding MEVBoost(dot)org on their metrics, I think it would be great opportunity to create our own site with accurate information, tutorials on how to use SecureRPC relay, connecting relay to validators, different relay FAQs etc.

  4. Can we create a sort of Index or “everything at a glance” situtation with our tutorials, faqs, medium articles, useful twitter thread, roadmaps, staking tutorial etc. It can be at times hectic (not trying to shame, not my intention) to navigate when linking information to newcomers, as some of the things are spread on Github, forum tutorials, telegram (community calls, useful info etc) and website. Maybe get community members involved? perhaps a payroll situtation?

  5. Any spicy alpha is always appreciated :slight_smile:

My post was hidden by Akismet, because of spam I can assure you it wasn’t. :smile:

First of all, I wanna say congrats on getting block building ready for the merge. Must have been hard work the past two months. So, my questions:

  1. After sushiguard, are there other integrations of Openmev in the works? If so, which one(s) and roughly when can we expect those?

  2. How will block building generate revenue for fold stakers? And do you have any idea how much those revenues will be (for instance, per block)?

  3. When can we expect revenue from block building for Fold stakers? Is it already generating revenue?

  4. The last time (July I believe) staking payout was put to vote. I assume we don’t get anymore subsidised payouts after that one (so nothing for August and September). Is that correct?

From Nick:

A question for the community call, but I can’t post there right now so if anyone can post it I would appreciate it:

In the light of Sam’s latest updates we seem to have a little shadow war going on with flashbots, as long as our products deliver higher value word should spread but is there any other way we intend to combat this kind of misinformation? Especially considering the reluctance to spend money on marketing? I see Sam commenting in Twitter that some post include wrong information but I don’t always see follow-up or explanation why. I get the Chad meme “Says your information is wrong. Refuses to elaborate. Leaves.” but that only gets us so far.

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  • What potentially dangerous and centralizing forces do you see today across the Ethereum ecosystem, including the roles of builders, staking pools, and existing “defaults” (i.e. MEV-boost defaulting effectively to certain relays, Metamask as de-facto default wallet, Infura as default RPC, soft censorship of dissenting POVs / opinions within the broader MEV community etc)?

  • What do you envision to be the long-term role of Manifold within Ethereum? What’s the long-term ambition here?

  • Where do you expect the split of MEV economics to settle in equilibrium between searchers/builders/proposers? Are there other relevant parties that you think could conceivably have a claim on those economics?

  • Fair ordering, threshold sig commit-reveal schemes and various other MEV-minimization tactics that others are exploring: what are your thoughts on these? Is MEV truly “unavoidable” in any system that has ordering and where economically-motivated actors have time preferences?

  • MEV smoothing - do you think it is likely this is implemented in some way, either via staking pools (or meta-pools)? Could MEV-smoothing introduce adverse selection / moral hazard issues at any point in the block building supply chain?

  • Post MEV-boost (and later PBS), what novel additional roles can the wallet serve in the block building supply chain?

  • Echoing @MrBrown’s question: EigenLayer / Sreeram Kannan have popularized this notion of “re-staking”; do we plan to participate in this in some way, and if so what’s possible?

  • How should the community here best engage and push Manifold along while not interfering with work?

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  • How will investors from the latest funding found be compensated? Is it based on $FOLD tokens from the treasury? If equity in the company or some other means, how will this influence the previous statement that all revenue will flow to token holders?
  • It’s become clear by some people digging through the /proposer_payload_delivered and /builder_blocks_received/ of various relays (including me) that the block with the highest ‘value’ almost never wins. This seems to indicate there are other incentives at play here. Care to elaborate?
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sambacha :

“Users lost access to their tokens after unstaking on dapp, XFOLD has been burned and FOLD wasn’t sent to them back. instead of sending FOLD to their addresses, FOLD was sent to manifold contract address.”

There was a problem with the FOLD Staking contract back in January and i am one of the users affected by this contract issue.

Been trying to resolve this for 9 months…

Sent 5 emails, no answers.

Countless Messages on Telegram etc.

When are you planning to send refunds ?

Tx Proof :


Please resolve asap, Thank you.


Would it possible to audio record the respond to these questions and upload them to the manifold youtube channel if there is one?

Also Sam mentioned that the metrics on mevboost are not accurate? Is there a way to add the proper metrics on the securerpc page instead? I say this because the payloads are listed on there.

Lastly, in terms of comms I think someone made a good point when they mentioned that if the focus is decentralization for this project and tx’ds won’t be censored than why is there no communication or rather why does Sam feel “lack of transparency is an idiotic complaint” ? Some people have a good amount of money in this, so I don’t see anything wrong with having some level of diagloue with the community especially if the questions are legitimate and not “wen lambo”.



When will the MP be announced? please give a date and that date will be announced. Thank you.

Whatever happened to the Ohm bot? Months ago you discovered it wasn’t earning much revenue if I recall it right. How about now? Has anything been altered to the bot?

There was also LayerZero integration mentioned some time ago (for Openmev). How is that going?

A few questions:

  1. What does the roadmap look like over the coming quarter and the coming year and are you still on track to accomplish what you want to accomplish, if not what are the problems?
  2. What is the #1 thing the team wants to accomplish in 4Q 2022?
  3. Any significant changes to the team?
  4. What are the top successes and challenges that you have faced this past quarter?
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Any plans to persue other DEX’s with a similar product to Sushiguard?

Any plans to go multi-EVM chain with products?

Thanks in advance for doing this, bucketing this into topics:

Reporting / Transparency

  • Budget – is it possible to get monthly or quarterly operating expense detail?
  • KPIs – can we build (or pay someone to build) a dashboard that tracks KPIs like # blocks built, MEV generated, and validator vs protocol MEV revenue split?
  • Team – what is the size and composition of the team?

Unit economics – ultimately, what % of MEV will accrue to Manifold?

  • What are transaction initiator / application expectations for % of MEV value sent back to them?
  • Is 50% to SushiSwap a good benchmark for future deals (e.g. with market-makers, other apps)
  • Will validators end up earning ~90% of MEV much like miners did under POW? What is the case to be made for more or less?

Business Development

  • What entities are you prioritizing next and why? Is it wallets, dApps, market makers, or others?
  • What other competitors have exclusive order flow relationships?
  • Can Manifold quantify (or further contextualize) the benefits of using SecureRPC? Driving retail user adoption could garner more high-value proprietary retail order flow.

MEV market size

  • How will the migration of user transactions to L2s impact MEV potential?
  • What is the timeline for expanding to other chains?

Hello sam! I would like to know a little bit about the new staking mechanics and when will they be implemented.

Also, when is manifold announcing how much and from who they raised capital this last time? (already know but wondering when will it be shared lol)

Last thing is… we really need you to stop banning people left and right on the telegram since is the only active communication path, youve banned people with 7 figs, high 6 figs or even mere hundreds of fold and tbh they didnt even deserved it lol (how much money people invested on fold is not importat but still) so yeah kind of sucks to be left out from an impt holding within our port (truth to be told every voice matters, we are investing in the project cause we believe in a censorship resistant eth and we cant even get a censorship resistant tg lmao)

Aside from that, was taking a look at the github… its crazy how fast team has been working, onwards sirs! Hopefully one day manifold will be top 1 block builder and we’ll look back at this days with joy.

catch up tomorrow sirs.