Community call questions for August 19th 2022

Please reply with questions you would like addressing in the community call at 18:00 PST Friday 19th August (sorry for the last minute change).

Any idea why Sushi is taking so long to integrate secureRPC?

When will public testing for blockbuilding go live?

What’s the difference between monitored vs real flow? in regards to the 7.9B of TX value through secureRPC


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Who do you think the main block builders will be post-merge? Flashbots, Bloxroute, and Fold?

Do you think order flow will be the most important determiner for becoming the biggest block builder?

How much revenue are you expecting post-merge, per month? Per 1B in order flow?

what % of the hashrate does manifold have a direct connection to (not through a different relay)?

  • any ETA on public beta of relay / blockbuilding endpoints? Will it be live before the merge? Feels this needs to be the primary focus now (pretty sure it is) given the positive vibe around Manifold not censoring and ETH core devs ready to endorse
  • Specifically: Micah mentioned in the last Eth core-dev meet that Manifold won’t be ready for the Merge. If we are, this confusion should probably be addressed. ( link to minutes of meeting can be found in TG, can’t post link here)
  • Good time to reveal the MP it seems. With twitter heating up we could use a public facing person who handles the marketing side of things. Any ETA on that?
  • please explain the SecureRPC KPIs of the grafana dashboard that surfaced some days ago. E.g.:
    • how should we interpret 5B Sushiswap volume, since sushiswap itself had far less than 5B in volume over 7 days (which supposedly is the timeframe these kpis were measured on)
    • what does ‘delta dollar value’ mean?

how is this possible that securerpc doesnt censor transactions even though it uses flashbots?

what are chances of integrating with balancer?

Can you share more data on projected transaction volumes from Sushi going through the Manifold Router?

From where is the data on the Grafana site showing Manifold Platform Insights pulled? How can it be verified? (I cant attach the link due to posting restrictions)

snapshots dot raintank dot io “slash” dashboard “slash” snapshot “slash” 3hFS0X3CRoaJ1yxJItv2KU8OWhl2Sbe1 “question mark” orgId “equals” 2

I’m not Sam or a member of the team, but he’s said in Telegram before that they are working with Balancer already - I am assuming that means an integration is extremely likely but don’t know the time frame or the nature of the integration.

Any update on the stats dashboard with profits, APR and such?

Questions (some may overlap a bit with others but just in case):

  1. Could you clarify the vision post-Merge a bit? Specifically if Manifold will be doing both block building and building a relay? And when you expect it to be fully operational?

  2. Again could you clarify and talk more about the attention Fold has been getting in the last few days as being potentially the only non-censoring block builder/relay post Merge? And clarify what the Manifold position on censorship is? As I understand it currently, there is no content censoring or banning and no plans to add transaction censoring - the only restriction is that certain IP address ranges (North Korea etc) are blocked?

  3. Many of us in the community feel it would be helpful - especially Sam is the only public facing member of the team - to really improve the website and documentation for the various products - it will really help the project and let people in the wider Ethereum community get a better idea of Manifold and what it does and basically get more details and insight into the Manifold offering and why we are better than the competition. Is there any way I (and any one else in the community who is interested) can help out with writing FAQs and updating the documentation and website to be more detailed and clear (especially for non-technical people and non-devs)? On a range of issues from Sanctions/censorship policy (very hot right now for obvious reasons) to how the product works, how to use it, what are the benefits of using it etc? Maybe some Medium articles too?

Trying to consolidate here:

DEX Integrations:

  1. Sushi router: any updates on why this is taking so long? Any updated volume projections for sushi?
  2. Balancer: is this happening? If yes, any sense of when?


  1. How is it possible that SecureRPC doesn’t censor tx even though it relies on flashbots?
  2. What % of hashrate does manifold have a direct connection to (not through a different relay)?

Grafana DB:

  1. What’s the difference between monitored vs real flow?
  2. What does ‘delta dollar value’ mean?
  3. Where is this data coming from? Can it be independently verified?


  1. When will testing for blockbuilding go live? Will it be before merge (ETH core devs are under impression that no it won’t – may want to correct if so)
  2. What about public relay? (are we doing this?)
  3. Who do you expect to be major blockbuilders?
  4. Do you think order flow will be largest determinant of who are the largest block builders?

How can community help? (we’re thinking documentation might be an area we can be of assistance)


Are there specific tasks the community can get involved with to support you and team? E.g. documentation cleanup etc.