Community call - March 31, 2022: Questions and comments

Hey @sambacha and team,

I thought would be good to have communtiy questions written down for the call today.

Here are some questions:

  1. Can you explain the latest blog entry (March 2022 Report) a little bit?
  2. Whats the status for the managing partner announcement?
  3. Will the April payout be completly in stables?
  4. Were the lastest fixes for the gas pricing issue succesfull?
  5. Are the hardware wallet issues fixed?

Keep up the good work and thanks!

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Stargate is making a sushi splash. Is Manifold in scope at all for the integration?!

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There is no community call today. I will update when a date is confirmed.

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You recently shared an update showing the sandwich ethereum address … Was the sandwich ‘bot’ running intermittently or full time?

What happened to populating the MultiSig you previously provided for us?

When will the 3rd party searchers be going live? And when they do, what will be the breakdown for how much profit they keep and how much goes to fold stakers?

What is your focus on now? Finishing the ethereum chain, Stargate, lido/rocket pool or expanding to Avax chain?

Can we get a up to date figure of what’s been accumulated currently for month 3 rewards for fold stakers?

Is there any immediate plan to help the liquidity issue on sushi? Have you looked into possibly getting liquidity from Tokemak?

How about the dashboard? Is it actually ready yet or ‘soon’?


A reminder that the community call is 3pm PST today (Friday 1sp April) in the Manifold Discord Manifold Finance