Community call - April 21, 2022: Questions and comments

Hey @sambacha and team,

I thought would be good to have community questions written down for the call today. Some questions:

  1. Can you provide data for the revenue accrued in the relevant days of the last month?
  2. Whats the status with the announcement of the managing partner?
  3. When will the dashboard be ready?
  4. Is only backrunning with the new router contract more profitable as the current implementation with arbitrage?


Hello Sam and Team.

I have a few questions if you can please elaborate on them:

  1. How exactly will the partnership with LIDO and Rocketpool actually benefit fold stakers?

  2. Can you explain (as if to a kid) what exactly manifolds partnership with layerzero means … What will fold be doing for layerzero and more importantly how will Fold stakers benefit from this?

  3. 2 days ago you mentioned that OpenMEV was running full time for 5 days, yet the ethereum address (you supplied previously) that shows thé on chain Sandwich transactions is not showing any sandwiches being made during those days… Is there a reason for this? Is the engine not picking up any potential opportunities to sandwich attack tx’s?

  4. if The new Engine made 50k this whole month in stables yet the month prior it made 23k in 41 hours … it shows that the new ‘improved’ engine is less efficient than the old one so shouldnt we go back to the previous engine? If not can you explain why the ‘improved’ engines is making less money than the previous one?

  5. Will thé managing partner be announced this year?

  6. You keep mentioning about a dashboard is coming ‘soon’ … where is it? Your investors who stake fold want to see how much revenue is being accumulated and how much we are going to be due each month. Is there a reason why you don’t want there to be a dashboard for the figures?

  7. When can we expect 3rd party searchers? Are they still going to be incentivised with fold to ‘search’? Is there a breakdown yet of how much they make will go to fold stakers/treasury and how much they get to keep?

  8. When can we expect the router to be live on sushi’s front end?

  9. Will the new router also cover avax chain on sushi?

  10. How is the next months staking rewards likely to look? If we don’t clear 300k in stables will we still receive fold to bump it up?

Looking forward to hearing your answers

Thanks J

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