Community call questions for June 20th '22

Please use this thread to post questions for the community call scheduled for June 20th '22.

Why hasn’t the proposal to vote for the use of the new router been out the past weeks? And when will it?

When will the new router go live? And what are the steps that need to be taken? Like voting, bug bounty program.

Where can we track the revenue from the old and the new router? The dashboard doesn’t give any info on revenue, and the shared eth address shows nothing as well.

How does the Olympus bot work? Since when has it been active? How much revenue is it generating? Is the revenue going to xfold stakers?

Stakers like me are dying to know what revenue a staked fold generates. Do you have any clue how much it will be with the new router?

Will the managing partner reveal himself when the new router is up and running? If not, when?

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With the new router finally being live, hope till 15th Jul, is there any plans from Sushi end to airdrop Sushi tokens to Fold stakers?

  1. Is there a plan to add liqudity on sushiswap?
  2. Will a part of fold revenue be used to buy Fold by tresury?

Additional: can you say how many, which and when there will be chains/integrations similar to sushiguard? And is it easy to implement now that sushiguard is done or is a lot of pioneering for every individual chain?

A while ago, I think in the latest roadmap, you mentioned something like 5 integrations by September, and just last week you mentioned other chains informing about integration.

Who is being added to the multisig as mentioned here Telegram: Contact @manifoldfinance?

What’s the right way to think about the current vision of the project? I think a lot of the current holders were brought in from the narrative that the value of the project would come primarily from performing mev/arbing sushi’s transaction flow, is this still the right way to think about the main value prop of the project?

From the outside it seems in some ways the project has expanded it’s scope and secure rpc is now the primary product and aims to aggregate a variety of 3rd party searchers including flashbots, eden network, etc and serve a much wider user base than just Sushi including at least some outside trading firms as well as wallet providers, other dex’s, etc- is this broadly correct? Overall what’s the right way to think about the current overarching strategy? What would be relevant metrics to know if things are going well or badly?

What happens if we don’t have sufficient votes for the new router implementation?

Do users need to turn “SushiGuard Protector” toggle on on the Sushi UI to use SushiGuard Router?

If not, what does SushiGuard Protector do?
Does it only used to send transactions to flashbot/Eden Network via sushi relay?
Or does it further extract MEV from transactions, using off chain mechanism we have used before, after some MEV is extracted by SushiGuard Router?

Isn’t it easy for other DEXes to copy what SushiGuard Router do?