Community calls - questions and schedules

Hey @sambacha and team :slight_smile: ,

one idea was to create a topic for the community calls to collect questions and making it easier for you to answer them. In addition we could schedule a communtity call once a month or every other month. Appreciate your feedback and keep up the great work!

Kind regards, kedos25

a - it was mentioned new partner will be announced after token vesting ends - does this refer to ALL of the unlocks (think 2 more unlocks coming?)?

b - any new protocol implementations coming?

c - based on current implementation status and quality, how satisfied are you with the profit being generated and how much are we currently generating?

A few FAQ from Telegram:

When can we expect a fix for use of OpenMEV with hardware wallets?

Please can we stop putting unrealistic dates on things that inevitably get blown through?

What is happening with the Fold that was paid to the Sushi multisig?

How can we foster more cooperation within the community like the bounty for calculation of the first month’s rewards?

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is there any more information or followup concerning the Manifold-Eden integration?

Any timeframe when staking v2 will be rolled out?

Does the team need help with some things or are there things the community can do to support the team?

When will payouts be made to those who were due month 2 staking payouts but were not issued with them?

Can you give an update on the production level of the protocol? What, if any, roadblocks are impacting effectiveness?

When will access be given to data set (or equivalent) detailing revenue accrual?

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will there be option to lock tokens for multiplier on rewards?

this should be good question too

Hi, I’ve emailed three times now (holdthefold) but unfortunately my address isn’t on the excel list of missed wallets for second month payouts. Will it be added, and is there a way you can check the completeness of the list to make sure all staked wallets which did not receive the correct payment are included?

Thanks - look forward to the call

Is Manifold still pursuing further DEX integrations?

If Manifold is given a grant to help implement the Sushi proposal, is this likely to delay development of OpenMEV / multi-chain integration / more DEX integrations?

Thanks for all the questions. The recording of the call is pinned in the Telegram, I can’t upload it here. Cheers.