Questions for Friday's mevETH Space

Hope you’ll join us for Friday’s Twitter Space about mevETH!

Check out the announcement thread and coverage in The Block, and post your questions below!


Topic: Openmev

Are we still pursuing sushiguard and if yes, when might it launch?

Are we still pursuing other Openmev integrations like sushiguard and if yes, is something in the works yet and when might we expect something?

Topic: Roadmap

Will you make a roadmap detailing all type of products Manifold is working on with a rough timeline of the process until completion?

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From Roz Hiu in telegram

Topic: staking rewards

When can we as long term hodlers expect any income from any form of staking?

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From Geert in Telegram

Topic: relation between LSD and other products

How do the other products/ideas relate to the LSD product? Splitswap, HedgerLedger, that Lovely Little Gas Protocol?

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Really happy to hear that the team is excited about mevETH, so are we.

I wanted to ask - what the role of the FOLD token will be going forward in terms of protocol revenue accrual?

Thanks! It’s going to be a great year