Post your questions for tomorrow's LLGP Space!

Hey all, hope you’ll join us for our Twitter Space tomorrow introducing Lovely Little Gas Protocol and v2 Staking!

Drop you questions below and upvote the ones you’d most like to hear answered. We’ll also invite people up to ask questions during the Space.

See you there! :octopus:

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I might have more questions after a few more reads of the LLGP post, but my main question is a request to have an “idiot’s guide” type walkthrough of LLGP and how it actually works and usecases and how FOLD is used to secure it and the avenues to earn revenue from it.

Basically something for non-devs on “how it works”.


Posted two sets of questions in response to recent posts from @sambacha. First set probably more relevant for the Twitter Space.


Re:Relay Compliance and Efficacy post

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