Questions regarding SecureRPC

Hi Sam and Manifold team,

I have questions which LJ encouraged me to post in the forum for everyone’s benefits :

  1. How many% of total transactions that route through our own RPC versus through other 3rd-party RPCs ? any known logics to distribute to each RPC (as shown on status.manifoldfinance site)? Our SecureRPC can handle all transactions on Sushi or need to route to other RPCs sometimes?

  2. Can you share how many block builders they will have to handle Sushi guard in the beginning like all transactions from Sushiswap?

  3. When we became the block builder themeselves, and would we still need other block builders to process all the transactions in their private mempool?

Thank you guys

What are the tradeoffs for using for using SecureRPC vs Flashbots RPC vs Metamask default RPC?

I am thinking in terms of latency, likelihood of being included in a block, gas cost (and anything else I am likely missing)?

I think being able to explain this clearly/succinctly to a non-technical person could be huge in driving retail user adoption!