Questions for community call March 15th 2024 18:00 UTC

Please put your questions here. See you on X Thanks

Can we have Fabrizio and/or Daniele from as speakers too please :saluting_face:

I have asked Tangle to look in to this.

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Please cover the lending system, also in light of eth getting leveraged in ethena

Any plans for cex listening? When we can expect mevauction to be fully functional?

Why are blocks not ‘full’ today? Is it because blockbuilders don’t bother stuffing their blocks with low-value transactions?

Could you explain how fold holders will benefit from mevauction , numbers please

Is mevauction only for L2?

The auction takes place on the L2.

The settlement of the auction results occur on L1, by virtue of the block building process itself.

I initially had a bunch of questions concerning the progress of mevauction, the road towards launch, new utility token and eirdrop, potential interest from frax and others, and future endeavours like the blob market.

But in the end it all boils down to these two questions.

  1. Is $fold gonna surpass $100 in April 2024?

  2. Are there any benefits for shirtless shitting or is it simply Allah’s will to do so?

so it will save fees on L1? If L1 , this is huge!!

Here is a link to the recording

I am pasting below a hugely helpful written summary, credit to Max:

  • mevAuction been running for weeks in Holesky and is going well.
  • started onboarding Frax today.
  • several Block Builders and Searchers have been onboarded, with more joining later.
  • mevAuction mainnet launch set for first week of April.
  • 25% of new token locked in Manifold’s Vault where Fold holders will have claim, plus more % airdropped to Fold holders (snapshot imminent and on held duration probably).
  • new Points system to be announced.
  • implementing a new Blob Aggregator system for rollups posting into mainnet, where this system utilises the blockspace futures/call market as a hedge, big source of revenue if this aggregator becomes the default choice for all rollups in the OP Superchain.
  • searchers/builders pay in Fold when making multiple info requests on competitor bidding submissions in the live slot auctions.
  • and more service offerings, more revenue and fold utility details on the call…
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Hi , when we can do next ama?