June 2024 Community Update

XGA Infrastructure Updates

Over the period of (June 14th thru the 17th) we experienced intermittent excessive load on a few internal services. This culminated in a short and sustained DDoS that did not result in any service disruption or outage. We believe this was the result of some network topology changes administered by OVH (one of our bare-metal providers), which were unintentional.

We are also sunsetting all existing Prysm clients, being hosted across all services within our entire infrastructure portfolio. This decision is in due in part to the consistent overhead in support that the client requires and its incompatibility with the new XGA Relay.

Status of Pending MEV Boost Changes

We are prepared to maintain the fork of MEV Boost in the absence of Flashbots’ acceptance. A release pipeline is being configured and will be used by participating Node Operators who do not use the Vouch client by Attestant to be compatible with the XGA Relay.

Dashboard and Endpoints

Various fixes, including ensuring the payout and refund transaction hashes are visible in the dashboard has been addressed. If you notice any issues, please let us know.

Additionally, we have migrated all services to use the *.xga.com domain name. *.securerpc.com will still be active and available, however we encourage end users to switch over. Documentation will be updated accordingly.

L2 Rollup Planned Changes and Updates

We are currently testing the ecotone fork and the new fee structures it introduces.

Currently, we are also implementing a reverse proxy for blob storage and retention independent of beacon clients. This will involve testing the blob archive S3 data for sync.

Additionally, we will be standardizing how we communicate regarding any changes to the rollup. We intend to adhere to the Superchain compatibility framework. Any additional changes would be precompile specific to our rollup and not those that are considered system contracts or otherwise authored by the OP team (i.e. these are custom precompiles we implement, that do not affect the rollup itself but rather are for the auction platform itself).

Blob Transaction Pricing

Currently, our Rollup does not implement the usage of blob transactions for the L2 state. The reason being because of our concerns during certain pathological situations regarding price inversion between the markets for blob/blockspace vs calldata/blockspace. Coincidently, this occurred earlier today.

…spike in the Blob Base Fee that started at around block 20134107 when the Blob Base Fee hit ~2 Gwei. By block 20134110 the Blob Base rose to ~3 Gwei and then began to run up… and peaked near 747 source, https://x.com/mcutler/status/1803876057231311211

Blocknative has illustrated this problem, highlighting the contention between blobs and non-blob containing blocks.

… we also see that 85% of blob transactions are confirmed on-chain while non-blob transactions have a 96% confirmation ratio. This is a 2.1 times longer to confirm on chain than non-blob transactions. source, https://x.com/blocknative/status/1803120270066196799

We will most likely differ this update until more information as to the underlying culprit of this situation comes to light and is confirmed.

FOLD Liquidity and Captive Insurance

Manifold Finance has reached a preliminary agreement regarding providing liquidity and market making. The terms of the agreement are not public. The term period is at least 12 months, with an option to extend it. 75,000 FOLD will be utilized (in a mixture of being lent and used as payment for services) for the purposes of executing the agreement. A forthcoming listing is being worked on, but there is no guarantee upon such placement (as this is beyond their decision-making, i.e., the listing directory of the respective exchange is ultimately responsible).

The Captive Insurance contracts are also complete for the initial MVP. We expect a deployment forthcoming post July 4th weekend (no later than possibly after EthCC).

Onboarding more Validators (AKA Frax & More)

Now that stability of the rollup and necessary infrastructure reliability issues have been addressed, we can start onboarding new validator sets. Additional relay support is also being worked on with Bloxroute, but this is yet to be confirmed as yet (we have been speaking with them for a while now). We want to ensure that there is no reduced participating in the MEV Boost Auction part of the platform (this is to ensure that we can claim no less profitability than if running normal MEV Boost alone). Additionally, the added time has allowed us more time to coordinate public facing announcements and marketing.

Edit Update

The original post incorrectly stated that 65,000 FOLD was to be earmarked, that number has been updated to the correct 75,000 FOLD. Additionally, the transaction has been sent and confirmed.