January 2022 - Community Update

January 2022 - Community Update

Manifold Staking - FOLD payouts

In brief, the staking contract is susceptible to an exploit by sandwich attack. When FOLD is deposited into the contract an attacker can ‘game the system’ by depositing FOLD, minting XFOLD, then burning XFOLD to get more FOLD back as the contract does not enforce a minimum staking period. Because of this the attacker could get more staking payouts than what were owed to them (Note: this edge case is known to the Sushiswap team which the staking contract is based off of).

In order to mitigate this we are creating a separate contract which you will be able to withdraw your staked balances. We are also taking this opportunity to re-implement the distribution mechanism so that non-FOLD tokens can be used. A spreadsheet of addresses, balances, and staked payouts will be published in the next few days.

The new staking contract will also include some new features such as:

  • protocol registry - this is for tying protocols that are using OpenMEV/SecureRPC/etc to us. You can call this function and get back statistics such as 24 hour volume, etc.

  • affiliate registry - this is for tying an account to a referral code. An example will be receiving incentives during a promotional period for a new listing for example.

Roadmap updates and deadlines

  • Dashboards and Metrics - We are migrating to VictoriaMetrics, tis will enable us to provide a pubic dashboard without having to batch process and sanitize the data for disclosures.

  • We will be reimbursing those that had lost FOLD tokens in the unstaking process as discussed in the community call as well - 1:1

  • The new public Roadmap Dashboard will be fully public next week on GitHub you can see the current view here

We will have another update this Friday, including announcing our new Managing Partner (this was the CEO position), and additional new engineering talent that is working with us + two new services and a new strategy to be deployed.

  • Also we are making changes to the community management team, we will be bringing LJ onboard full time and have hired a new community secretary, Justine, who will be starting next week.

Also I broke up with my GF - #LFG


provide a pubic dashboard without having to batch process and sanitize the data for disclosures.

If you’re giving us a pubic dashboard, I expect some sanitation.

On another note, thanks for the update!

Hi Sam

Thanks for the update. Is the protocol currently generating revenue?