Community Update: Dec, 1 2021: Staking and Integration

December 1, 2021 Update

  • Staking Contracts on mainnet
  • OpenMEV Integration
  • Integration Timeline

DomoDAO / Staking

  • Deploys Staking contracts for earning xFOLD (1:1 redemeption for stablecoin in multisig, manifoldfinance.eth and Operator Address, Manifold Finance Deployer).

Do NOT deposit any FOLD tokens until we verify mainnet functionality

Sushi Relay

This fixes the OpenMEV Integration for Trident Support and Multichain support

:memo: Changed routes:

Commit a8a8308d28a5a8bd92b9933ef6f0f54d30164b62 (

Originally posted by @sambacha in feat(openmev): canary by sambacha · Pull Request #88 · manifoldfinance/sushiswap-interface · GitHub


Over the next 24-48 hours we will double check for any merge issues

When the merge is accepted we will be coordinating with the Sushi team to be online and actively monitoring end user interaction to ensure that there is no issues with: - transaction submissions - transaction inclusion - transaction exceptions - transaction issues in general - frontend exceptions - frontend issues in general

We will be online for this period for approx. 4-6 hours