October 2021 - Operations Update

October 2021 - Operations Update

Operations Update contains:

  • Pending Items
  • Calendar Updates (this will be published to a link, the table is for convenience below!)
  • Engineering Changelog
  • Action Items

Pending Items

This Tuesday we will be going over the entire integration with the SushiSwap team :100:

We are arranging a new Liquidity Pool for stable coin pairing. Initial liquidity will be at least 150k

Action Items

Community Retrospective to be scheduled

Meme Results

Community Grants

Marketing, Content Cal. and Events

Tentative dates will be formalized Monday, please give feedback if you think something should be added or moved!

SPRINT:2021_10 Name Section/Column Assignee Notes Projects Parent Task
1201061546387433 Manifold | EDEN Ideas Manifold Content Calendar
1201061546387458 OpenMEV Promo Scheduled this week We already have the video, which we’ll post on the day of the integration, but we should also write an article for the blog imo. Manifold Content Calendar
1201061546387434 Manifold | KX (Partnership Announcement) Scheduled this week We’re working on a video for this. If you can provide additional footage from KX, that would be helpful, but we can make it work regardless. Manifold Content Calendar
1201061546387435 Meme Competition (Community) Scheduled this week Ready to go, just need the green light.See Slack - marketing channel. Manifold Content Calendar
1.20106E+15 Staking Promo Scheduled this week Can you give us some stuff to work with? Staking DApp UI and Testnet planned for tomorrow, would be nice to be able to prepare stuff in advance. Manifold Content Calendar
1201061546387436 Public RPC Point Scheduled this week Maybe we can make a video around the tutorial that you mentioned. Also, would be nice to have a name to brand it - could be simple. Need to push out a clear message too. Manifold Content Calendar
1201061546387452 Tweets & TG Polls Scheduled this week Manifold Content Calendar
1201061546387437 Extend #OpenMEV Promo Scheduled next week Manifold Content Calendar
1201061546387462 Focus on Staking Promo Scheduled next week Manifold Content Calendar
1.20106E+15 Meme Competition Results Scheduled next week Manifold Content Calendar
1201061546387457 Tweets & TG Polls Scheduled next week Manifold Content Calendar
1201061546387468 DAO Design and Architecture Later this month Would like to have more info on this. Manifold Content Calendar
1201061546387438 Grants Program Later this month October 2021 Manifold Content Calendar
1201061546387464 Community Call (monthly) Later this month Manifold Content Calendar
1201061546387466 Staking Payout (monthly) Later this month Manifold Content Calendar
1201061546387455 Tweets & TG Polls Later this month Manifold Content Calendar
1201061546387472 Unscheduled Manifold Content Calendar

Engineering Changelog



  • feat: carrier transaction support (preliminary support)


9 October 2021

  • refactor(ethers): tree shake #1
  • Add generateBundleHash, a local function to calculate bundleHash without communicating with server #56
  • Include bundleHash in sendBundle Response #53


All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. Dates are displayed in UTC.

OpenMEV Platform

  • feat(ops/tf/eth-prod-k8s): deploy erigon-01 with lvmpv-xfs #914
  • erigon, nethermind: update PVC sizes #910
  • fix(ops/tf-modules/k8s-grafana-agent-prometheus-instance/extra_jobs): fix scrape #905
  • feat(ops/tf-modules/k8s-quarkus-deploy/pod_monitor.tf): use port name… #904
  • add nethermind-ovh{3,4} to dshackle, disable erigon probes #901
  • eth-prod-*: Use lvm-localpv for local storage #891
  • ops: add github user and token to the CI env #897
  • github: add basic issue templates #877
  • feat(ops/tf/prod-k8s): set storage class for postgresql #889
  • ops: add missing raid parameter #884
  • ops: move the OVH ETH nodes from staging to eth-prod #878
  • chore(kdb): licence updates #432
  • ops: use the start kdb startup in dev and prod #425
  • Feat/support structured logging #861
  • ops: expose the ETH websocket port #870
  • dev: use dshackle on the ETH cluster #869
  • ops: add Basic auth to the eth-prod cluster #868
  • //ops/tf-modules/k8s-erigon: init #440
  • Feat/redpanda min insync replicas #441
  • chore: move to github issues #859
  • feat(ops/tf/*): workaround cert-manager zone propagation bug #857
  • feat(ops): deploy the ETH prod cluster #437
  • Feat/add eth chain #442
  • feat(ops): added slack webhook health report to staging #436
  • feat(web3-source): add utility scripts #435
  • Feat/kdb validate swaps #433
  • feat(rpc): remove old grpc style config for dshackle #431
  • feat(rpc): expose websocket under /ws/v1 to make it easier to disab… #430
  • Relax validation of arbitrage transactions #429
  • Feat/add dshackle #421
  • Feat/enable mev plugin nethermind #427
  • feat(ops): enabled nethermind plugin #426
  • ops: pin redpanda version in workers #419
  • feat(general): improvements to by cache usage #422
  • ops: bump commit hash #424
  • feat(web3-source): improvements and bugfixes #420
  • ops: connect nethermind peers together #418
  • feat(kdb): removed atomize from tri arb and dex arb calcs #415
  • fix(signer): state block number was being passed incorrectly #417
  • Feat/persist more topic state to db #410
  • Feat/merge websocket relay with rpc #416
  • Ops refactor #414
  • feat(ops): use a postgres operator #412
  • ops: enable both http and ws for nethermind #413
  • ops: redpanda tuning #408
  • added uni v2 feed and schema #400
  • Docker compose fixes #406
  • fix: increase kafka max request size to 10 mb to allow for receipts size #407
  • Feat/update to quarkus 2.2.1 #405
  • ops: configure ovh workers with Terraform in prod #403
  • fix(kdb-relay): missing mp configuration for uni related topics #404
  • Track Grafana Dashboards with Terraform #401
  • feat(ops): remove openethereum #398
  • feat(kdb): simplify function code, add comments, minor fixes #395
  • fix(signer): remove ether field from tuple encoding for CheckAndSend #396
  • feat(ops/ssh-keys): add another yubikey #394
  • feat(kdb): added formula for opt tri arb size #393
  • More monitoring #392
  • chore(kdb): abstract constants from funcs #391
  • feat(kdb): keyed triarb table, added friendly view #388
  • Redpanda metrics #390
  • feat(kdb): added assert.q to check assertions in running code #387
  • chore(kdb): renamed AccNonce to PlAccNonce and EthAcc to PlAccEth #386
  • feat(kdb): removed rewards calculation #385
  • feat(kdb): triangular arbitrage unit testing #382
  • ops: specifying use flash loans env variable in correct kdb process #384
  • fix: add missing uniswap topics to deployment #383
  • uniswap data #380
  • ops: move locals to tfvars #381
  • More monitoring #371
  • ops: move more things to the prod target #379
  • ops: use tfvars and symlink from prod #378
  • fix(kdb): minor updates for keyed table to hdb #377
  • Extra characters for quote address in sushi liquidity config #376
  • niv: bump nixpkgs #375
  • Gas Prices #368
  • feat(kdb): kdb q code improvements #344
  • feat(ops/tf-modules/metal-k8s-master): bump CCM to 3.2.2 #372
  • ops: deploy the new Q licenses #373
  • ops: pass memory constraints from k8s to JVM for quarkus apps #370
  • Fix monitoring for our deployed services #369
  • ops: create the production stack #365
  • ops: misc fixes #367
  • Websocket relay #357
  • fix(mem-pool-relay): retry of tx submission #366
  • Remove liquidity pair restrictions #356
  • feat(sushiswap-interface): updated to commit c1b026732 #362
  • Bug/ch1393/crashed with out of memory and was not detected #361
  • fix: mirror fabric8/java-centos-openjdk11-jre #364
  • ops: add dockerhub login to the build host #363
  • nix: add CA certs to the eth-client image #360
  • ops: resource usage tuning #359
  • ops: update staging to use new nethermind nodes #355
  • feat(contracts): FlashloansV2 #340
  • feat(dev): use the new ETH clients #354
  • chore(ops): ETH client tuning #353
  • feat(ops): deploy openethereum #352
  • feat(ops/nixos/configs/buildhost.nix): keep jib-core-application-layers cache around between reboots #350
  • feat(ops): deploy nethermind on OVH #337
  • Feature/ch1316/add an ability to alias balances #348
  • feat(signer): add config option for disabling bundle simulation #347
  • feat(ops/tf/staging-k8s): get LE certs via DNS-01 #346
  • Use the wireguard flannel backend #345
  • feat!(persistence): persisting txs again post London #343
  • Chore/ch1143/what will gas pricing look like post eip1559 #342
  • feat(rpc): validate eip1559 gas pricing #341
  • feat/eip-1559-improvements #327
  • kube-vip: split DaemonSets #339### Changelog

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. Dates are displayed in UTC.


11 October 2021


11 October 2021

  • chore(format): lint a99b347
  • feat(packages): web3connect providers f56370a


6 October 2021

  • npm(deps): bump @ethersproject/bignumber from 5.4.1 to 5.4.2 #10
  • feat(utils): init pkg 47e3b24
  • release: v0.1.7 f7a6694
  • feat(openmev): API Collection 9ea2965

Why do you choose stable coin pair over ETH pair? I personally prefer ETH pair as it usually provides more efficient routing when swapping to/from another token and arguably gives us exposure to ETH’s upside.

Did you consider options like Olympus Pro or Tokemak?