Update Jan 2022 - Roadmap and Updates

January 2022


  • We are consolidating parts of OpenMEV SDK and some internal utilities into a new monorepo GitHub - manifoldfinance/disco3-react: disco3 - well typed and performant web3 react library

  • Announcing (soft) @disco3 - web3 react / Ethereum Frontend library. We will be using this going forward to help onboard new projects for OpenMEV / etc.

  • We have gone over the results of our stress testing with the Sushi team and expect our integration to land into production before this Thursday.

  • Due to mishandled errors - some users lost their FOLD tokens. A community vote will take place this Thursday during our community call. Our community call is scheduled for 3pm PST.

  • Roadmap: We have been using GitHub Projects Beta for a month and really like it, so we are expanding its usage for public use. Over this week we will be adding private issues/milestones to the public project board so you can see our Roadmap and status on milestones in real time as its tracked by development. Manifold Public · GitHub

  • Multichain: We are in preliminary preparation for expanding onto Avalanche Network.

  • New CEO: we plan on announcing a revamped internal org structure that will no longer see a title of CEO and more accurately reflect our Partner structure. The new approximate title will be ‘Managing Partner’; we expect to announce this before the end of the Month.


Nice update, love to see the progress. And good to have avalanche in mind with Sushi making moves there too