June 2021 Transparency Report

Manifold Finance June 2021 Transparency Report


  • News & Announcements
  • Development
  • Community
  • Roadmap and Targets
  • Comments / Housekeeping

News & Announcements

In May and June 2021 Manifold Finance launched and moved forward our inital v1 network, with production readiness to be completed before July 20th. v1 of the YCabal strategy is a powerful real time idompent trading engine designed to recapture end user trading inefficiencies and refund them back in the form of transactional rebate (i.e. nearly eliminate transactional cost for user submitted transactions). Lots of progress has been made and we expect production deployment by July 20th.

Communicating better

We will be providing monthly transparency reports and bi-weekly updates via blog post after July 20th. A monthly community call is also to be scheduled at the end of the month.

Suggestions, comments or questions can be sent through Telegram or via email: ops@manifoldfinance.com


MEV Search Engine improvements

A purpose built from the ground up MEV Search engine is nearing production release quality the heart of this engine lays in the in memory database called kdb+. KX.com, the maintainers of kdb+ will be announcing a partnership with us in the next coupe of weeks. This partnership gives us invaluable access to both engineering talent and access to trading firms and counterparties that will be interested in utilizing their existing trading engines and algorithims with EVM based venues, such as Sushi.com.

Development Challenges

Ensuring a robust and highly available service is a non-trivial task, which is why we choose to host our infrastructure on bare metal through Equinix. Configuration, deployment and logging are accomplished through nix, a powerful functional programming language and additionally its own operating system, NixOS.

YCabal v1

After some engineering workshops with Redpanda YCabal v1 will be coming coming week (week of July 12th to the 16th). Currently no bundling logic is enabled on the fork’ed version of Sushi’s front end as we are making fixes to the MEV engine after getting feedback from KX. The planned launch post hardfork has been moved as the offical date for the London hardfork is now in August. This does not change anything on our end.

Work on v2 has already started, with testing expected to occur mid August, after London hardfork.

Community updates:

New Discourse powered forums (link tbd) Monthly community meetings (last week of the month) Monthly transparency reports (first week of the month) Updated Roadmap (3 months) LP Incentive program update on July 14th, 2021

Roadmap Policy and Community Involvement

We will be providing updates every month for a 3 month planned roadmap and progress targets. For the first month we will only provide a 30 day roadmap as things are fast moving, this means the next months update will have a proper three month roadmap.

General Roadmap Strategy Roadmap Community Roadmap

For a Community Roadmap, examples would be:

  • Portal Page
  • Staking Page
  • Strategy Development Kit

General Roadmap

Two partnership announcements (non crypto)

Community Roadmap:

Launch Forums Educate users on how to participate in governance Educate users on how to stake tokens to earn yield

Strategy Roadmap

  • YCabal v1
  • YCabal v2 (alpha)
  • Card Processing
  • LAO
  • Gas Index