FOLD Liquidity Program Results

FOLD Token Liquidity Reward Results

See the original announcement here: Manifold announces one-off LP Beta Program | by Manifold Finance | Manifold Finance | Jun, 2021 | Medium

Spreadsheet UPDATED

Next Steps

We will be voting on confirming these payouts this coming Monday, July 26th. If the vote is passing we will send out the rewards within 24hrs. If you are not listed on this sheet and you had provided liquidity please contact us: /

Snapshot Governance

Voting will take place via snapshot governance: Snapshot


Will the rewards need to be recalculated if a number of people were providing liquidity and haven’t been included on the spreadsheet?

Reading telegram it seems that many people do not appear in the list, especially none of those that were staking for extra rewards on sushi are listed, though it was communicated that they would be included.

The rewards are supposed to be a weighted average of the time one was providing liquidity, it doesnt look like it right now, could you please confirm ?

The % on the list are wrong with row 3 and 4 providing more than 5 yet getting much less.

Why is there to be a governance vote next monday on the reward if those are earned ? is it because the beta wasnt live on sushi as tend to indicates and thus why there has been no dashboard as previously announced for the rewards ?

Which lead me to ask, will there be a beta v2 ? Are the 25k coming from manifold treasury rather than fees earned ?

The people not on the list had deposited into the SushiChef contract for farming, which is why they were left of (unintentional on my part).

Will post revised list in a few. Thanks!

You expect so much, how can everything be okay in such a short time? Technology takes time. You have to be a little more patient. Congratulations to the team, everything will get better with time

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