Strengthening Manifold's project structure

I was wondering if the team has given any thought to adding some of the currently popular defi mechanisms to Manifold’s build structure? Specifically, the ones popularized by Ohm or Mcc? Multichain Capitol imo would be the ideal to borrow from, mainly their farming as a service mechanism, and buybacks. I know it’s not there yet but when the integration is complete with Sushi and the fees are being earned, maybe we can start donating portions of our staking fees to be collected in a Manifold treasury, which can then be used to farm on various chains and the returns can be used to create a liquidity buffer+buybacks on Sushiswap+a marketing fund? The breakdown could be 50% buyback wallet,10% dev pay, 20% liquidity pool + remaining 20% advertising wallet. The buybacks would help create a price floor for the Fold token, benefiting holders via token value increases and fee accrual for stakers while the liquidity pool growth only helps insulate us against dumps. The advertising wallet doesn’t need to be explained. Imo, all the team would need to do is hire a farming wizard and then put it to the community. Or switch that order around. It’d be simple to create a dashboard that tells stakers how much they’re projected to gain, and then add a ticker that allows them to adjust how much they’ll donate to the Manifold treasury. Add in farming accruals, and a buyback breakdown(don’t do a schedule as people will try and time them for exit liquidity) for transparency and we’ve literally strengthened Manifold Finance for future growth. Sorry for the length but I’ve been turning this over in my head for days now. Hope you guys really give it some thought.