Community Update: Q3 2021

Q3 2021 Update

Sushiswap Integration

Final stretch, we have a solution for the encoded hex data that users will have to sign. This is because Metamask does not decode transaction data for external transactions. You can see an example of what we are talking about here: Basically a window will pop up displaying the decoded transaction before the Metamask signing window pops up, that way users will not be signing transactions ‘blindly’.

Public RPC Endpoint

We will be exposing a public RPC Endpoint that will not be apart of the arbitrage engine. This bypass is for user transactions that wish to privately submit to miners without publicly broadcasting to the mempool. Think of it is a Taichi Network endpoint for every mining pool that we have or will have connectivity to.


We will be announcing a partnership this week with a traditional (re: non crypto) company.

Governance and Staking

Last week Open Zeppelin had released their Governance contracts for usage. This is important as it signals what kind of governance style (they are ‘compound’ style, after compound finance’s governance system) will be popular and present the chance for interoperability. You can read more about compound’s governance and its issues here..


Single Asset token staking will be rolled out in September. This is apart of a phased (and to be proposed) rollout.

Phase 1: Primitive Staking, tokens deposited for reward payouts. Payouts proportional to users deposits compared to the overall staking pool

Phase 2 Ability to stake and LP within upgraded staking process. This earns additional rewards from fee split of LP Pool. LP Pool underlying in stablecoin only.

Phase 3: Community Improvements, yet to be proposed enhancements, etc.

Pool Design Objectives:

  • Facilitate, at a lower bound, the trading of 0.1%-0.3% at no more than a 2% slippage.
  • Facilitate the trade sizes of $50,000 to $150,000 (50mil_mc * 0.1%, 50mil_mc * 0.3%) Based of these parameters we can ascertain that with a vanilla 50/50 asset pool split (tokens/trading pair), we would need $2.5mm in the pool to facilitate such trading activity. *, need $2.5m of my own token and $2.5m in USDC/ETH in the pool. Read the Spreadsheet here

With all of that said, we expect end of Sept for Staking to be online with a frontend that is usable.

Clubhouse Roadmap

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Google Sheet should be shareable now, apologies!

Thanks a ton for doxxing the team… huge deal for me.

How is that doxxing the team?

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Thanks for the update. I’m a big fan of the strategies in development and have been trying to follow progress closely. I have a few questions regarding your update above, if you’re available:

  1. Can you provide any more information regarding the “partnership… with a traditional (re: non crypto) company”? Will this partnership tie in to the current OpenMEV strategy or an additional strategy/product in development?
  2. I know that your models re: MEV profit opportunities are like very sophisticated. Do you have anything that you can share regarding a potential percentage of transactions that would generate profits in excess of the rebated transaction fees? Have the profit sharing percentages been decided between Manifold/Sushi/miners?

Thanks in advance!