August 2022 - Governance Action and updates

This will be a brief post covering one proposed governance action and some updates.

Governance: backdate subsidy for July 2022

June 2022 was supposed to see the succession of staking subsidies. Now that the router will be deploying (before this coming Friday), a subsidy has been requested ex post (there is no significant revenue between that period).

A poll is attached, Yes for a back-payment, No for no-payment.

Router Deployment

We finished and concluded a last-minute spot check to ensure some memory safety concerns with the contract. The process will look like this:

  • Router is packaged, versioned, and made into a reproducible distribution archive prior to deployment.

  • Contract deployer is configured, funded, and soft tested

  • Contract is prepared and re-checked against the distribution archive to ensure 1:1 bytecode prior to deployment.

  • Contract creation transaction is created, sent, and mined successfully on mainnet.

  • Contract deployed bytecode is verified against locally compiled artifact. This verification result is recorded.

  • Contract ownership is recognized by the deployer.

  • Deployer executes transaction against a router to add multi-sig address for Sushi as the new root owner.

  • Router is tested against the 15 most popular pools to validate the behavior

  • The deployed address is recorded and acknowledged by us as the router contract.

  • The frontend Integration branch is moved to staging and additional users are asked to validate behavior on frontend

  • During this soft-launch phase of the frontend, benchmarking and metrics/data is collected, aggregated, and compared against the latest production release of the sushiswap frontend. These metrics are recorded.

  • The router address is used for monitoring: a dedicated RPC node is assigned to this task that we own and maintain.

  • Over the following 24-48 hours the frontend is A/B tested and/or a testing subdomain is attached to further ramp up load

  • Assuming no performance or other regressions, the router goes into full production. During this period of the contract lifecycle, we continue to monitor and record metrics against the oeoeeoeeeel

Top Secret

Over the last few weeks, we have been putting together a team to help sushi execute a new governance model and help launch new strategies. This team is called ‘TOP SECRET’, (it comes from a Japanese car tuning company), and you can think of it as the skunk that works for Sushi. In the coming days, some of our partners will be posting on Sushi’s forums about this new governance proposal, and the new strategies to go to market.


We are launching a new trading protocol to integrate with wallets called Switchboard. Contracts are deployed already actually, however, we are going to make a few adjustments after speaking with some end users.

Knowledge Base and Documentation

I have been working on re-doing the entire documentation, you can see the new website here:, and the GitHub repo is here: GitHub - manifoldfinance/kb: knowledge base and documentation resource portal

Lots of editing is needed, but the basic framework and content are there. I am very excited about this actually as we are using a documentation framework called Diátaxis

A systematic framework for technical documentation authoring. The Grand Unified Theory of Documentation —David Laing

The Diátaxis framework aims to solve the problem of structure in technical documentation. It adopts a systematic approach to understanding the needs of documentation users in their cycle of interaction with a product.

I hope that this helps explain things better and if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see post here/just let us know!

  • Yes, subsidy payment
  • No, no subsidy payment

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The sushi governance proposal is now published: The Sushi Meiji Restoration - Proposals - SushiSwap

correct link: Sushi Meiji Restoration - Proposals - SushiSwap

No backdated payout. Team has subsidised staking payout for 7 months and stakers have been well renumerated. Let them focus on router and new developments.