2022 Preliminary Roadmap and Planning

2022 Q1 Roadmap and Planning

  • Community Call is scheduled for this Thursday on Discord at 3:00 PM PST

Current Status

  • SushiSwap Integration is complete: Metamask and Walletconnect Support are 100% Live
  • Per the partial delay half of the amount will be used

Planning for 2022

  • I will be stepping down from CEO position and transitioning to CTO. We will be looking for a well known CEO to help manage and structure our growth phase now that OpenMEV is live and in production. This will also entain a new CMO and revamping our current marketing/branding.

  • We will be taking more aggressive measures for marketing and promotion with this new changes in leadership.

  • I will still be active in the usual fashions (forums, telegram, community call, etc).

  • We will release a technical roadmap this Friday. A preliminary sketch for the next 3 months includes supporting 1-2 new protocols on chain for Ethereum mainnet and at least 1 new chain for Q1 2022. Suggestions for projects to support are welcomed as well as which chains to target. Chains to target that are open to suggestion should be chains that do not have current flashbots support.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


Since the day I’ve joined this community, Sam sure does seem to be a lot more of a tech/head of development person, so CTO would be really fitting. Hopefully having a new CEO and a CMO could make Sam focus a lot more on the tech side.

Easy +1 for me.

Great update, very good to hear expansion of team, it is exactly what we need.


  • integration live? is the button “enable MeV protection” not part of the implementation anymore, so people can’t switch it off?
  • fold staking, when can we stake and where?
  • dashboards - any chance the community gets access to live dashboards to see actual live data?
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Solid update. Couple questions Sam.

  1. Any news on staking platform going live? I was under the impression it would be live any day now as well?
  2. Is metamask supported frictionlessly without doing anything funky like manually changing RPC?
  3. When will rebates be live for sushi users?
  4. Any stats you can share on transactions made so far on sushi? Saw users report that walletconnect worked well today. Any other feedback so far?


Sometimes appointing a new CEO on an R&D vision in crypto is sub optimal. As the incoming CEO maybe incentivised but seldom has the same passion for the vision. Particularly as MEV economics is highly specialised.

@sambacha could you not be supported by a marketing resource and an operations resource. With the operations resource of COO having sufficient insight and communications capabilities that I assume ppl with the TradFi lens may see as a CEO reshuffle?

from what date 7 day moving average for fold staking rewards will be used? at the end of staking or at start?