May 2022 FOLD Staking Payouts



The 3rd Column is not payouts due in stablecoin , but the total amount in fiat for staking paid out! We will add the Stablecoin payout column tomorrow after unlock (around 7am PST)


The good news about this dataset is that I think 5 months is enough to be able to utilize to identify the initial parameters for v2 of staking. What that means is identifying the threshold at which people do not earn any APY because their stake is too small (i.e. the minimal deposit threshold for staking in v2). Something that we should for sure aim to eliminate imho.

Also if you were identified or were told that a previous issue for disbursement was to be fixed in this payout schedule it is not included in this spreadsheet, I will make a follow up if needed (if i recall its only 2 people that I have spoken with about it!).


Spreadsheet is marked private for me, no access. What can I do to check my staking?

Try again, idk what happened but reset permissions thanks for asking

Works now, thanks! Much appreciated. I staked recently (May 16), so I guess thats why I am not on the list.

Oops, found it manually (searching the spreadsheet for the address did not work properly for some reason). I am on the list, but with zero. See you next month! YAY!

Hey @sambacha I am 0 0 but staked more than 1k. I was in all previous payouts but not in this. I restaked/increased my stake after the last payout. Can you please look into it? I appreciate it!


Will double check thanks for checking and letting us know

Disperse went through and I got 0. Did you double check? I’m a staker since day 1, just restaked for the total. Is that the problem?

Whats your wallet address? I responded to you on telegram. Please email me: or msg me on TG

Hi Sam, when will the payments be made to those with identified errors in previous disbursements?

Hi Sam,

I believe there was an error with payouts of USDC to my wallet. I haven’t heard anybody else mentioning this.

  • Wallet ***
  • Staked ** FOLD
  • Received 47 FOLD 3 days ago
  • Received 63 USDC 2 days ago

Update: Apparantly payout is not FOLD + USDC amounts, but instead it shows the USDC equivalent of the total payout amount. So it’s 95% Fold and a bit of USDC basically.

Please follow the directions in the response email by making a support issue on github, that way we can track the issue,


What you have been paid sounds consistent with what other people have been paid.


Hey, wanted to update you, we have marked this as a valid support ticket and will take care of it. We ask that you provide us with an estimation of what is due to you so that we may check against our results.

see Payouts: User Misery did not receive latest distribution · Issue #8 · manifoldfinance/support · GitHub

I have reorganized the support page on github GitHub - manifoldfinance/support: Support and Helpdesk

We also now ask for any issues to also provide us with an estimated owed t o them, this will help the support ticket queue from being flooded with spurious claims.

The best way is to file an issue on github, I have notifications enabled so I will see it immediately

Thank you. I commented in the ticket.

I dont see where your payouts are missing for last month, it shows that you have received them

Goin forward there is no more subsidy, only stablecoin disbursement

Hey Sam, I guess you mistook the tx that I posted as mine, but it was a reference for my estimate of what I should have gotten. I added screenshots and the transaction again that show I received zero. Thanks