mevETH Protocol

The MevEth contract serves as a sophisticated platform for Liquid Staking Receipt (LSR) management, designed to optimize Ethereum value through efficient staking and reward distribution. This contract leverages multiple core modules to achieve its objectives, including admin control, staking management, share vault updates, ERC4626 integration, withdrawal queues and omni-chain tokens.

Core Modules and Functionality

The MevEth contract comprises several core modules, each contributing to its comprehensive functionality:

  • Accounting: Transparent fractional accounting system
  • Admin Control Panel: Empowers administrators with control over staking, module updates, and share vault management.
  • Staking Management: Allows efficient staking of Ether in the Beacon Chain, ensuring validatorsโ€™ registration and interaction with the staking module.
  • Share Vault Updates: Facilitates seamless updates to the MevEth share vault, ensuring accurate reward distribution and protocol management.
  • Role management: Supports roles management
  • ERC4626 Integration: Supports ERC4626 interface for yield source integration, enabling compatibility with Yearn Vault and other protocols.
  • Withdrawal Queues: First come, first served queues for withdrawal requests beyond buffer balances
  • Omni-chain fungible tokens: Allows MevEth tokens to be sent accross chains