Question about MEV Strategies

Hi everyone,

Sam hinted a few times on Telegram that Manifold will run its own MEV bot to acquire 100% of the surplus made by a MEV transaction, and use the extra time to improve the search.

This brings a few questions in mind:

  • Will Manifold do any MEV available (e.g sandwiching, not just liquidations/arbitrages) ?
  • If no, could we have a clear list (or an invitation to discussion) regarding the “forbidden pleasures” Manifold won’t touch?
  • If Manifold doesn’t do them, will it accept bundles that do?
  • Who makes the MEV in-house strategies?
  • Can we think about a collaborative solution, where EV+ strats can be proposed to Manifold, and profits are shared between the strategist and Manifold?
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Great questions!

  • We’re only building non-predatory MEV approaches.
  • This is a nice idea; we’ll explore.
  • Most likely, à la mev-boost, partly because detecting and filtering sandwiches isn’t always trivial, but also because we have a deep commitment to not censoring transactions based on their content. So we may not like sandwiches, but as operators of Ethereum infrastructure, we don’t think it’s our role to decide which transactions are good or bad, or worthy or unworthy of inclusion.
  • We’ve got a few team members dedicated to researching and building novel MEV strategies, and we’re looking to expand this part of the team. So if you know any good searchers/tradfi HFT-types/etc., send them our way!
  • Another nice idea! We’re actually beginning to think of something along these lines… Could be quite interesting.
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Do you think you will open up the searcher space in the future by allowing all searchers to compete instead of keeping it entirely inhouse? MEV-Blocker does something similar and allows searchers to compete for user orderflow.

One issue I see with keeping the searcher strategies entirely inhouse is there won’t be transparency or competition for searcher strategies. Would have to put blind trust in the Manifold searcher team that they are creating both ethical bundles and also maximizing bundle profitability.