Feedback: New Website

Looking for some feedback on changing the website, here is a preview:

content is just filler

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  • Less margin above topbar
  • In topbar support dropdown, contact us and help center links are not clickable
  • Links on hover should have a different color (e.g. blue as in buttons #5D5DFF)
  • Buttons on hover should have cursor pointer
  • In footer, there should be a link to this forum
  • Category titles (Solutions, Resources, Company) in the footer should be bold or in a different color, they look too similar to the links
  • No overflow-x

looks great! and @0xGohan’s response pretty much got it covered.

More importantly though, I think the Docs should be worked on a bit. GitBook is a lot more cleaner.

Design and UI look good.

Would have a lot more comments if there were more content.

Definitely needs an FAQs section, docs, links on where to buy Fold token. Ideally also a staking page with “Coming Soon”