What is the address of manifold block builder

Can someone share the full address ?

says manifold builder


has proposed 1800 blocks so far but did not give the full address. I can’t find any address tagged with manifold on etherscan either.

I am a searcher and I would like to verify that the builder indeed landed this many blocks before submitting to manifold.

Previously I mislinked – seems like the address labelled on etherscan as the “Manifold builder” is incorrect

We don’t have one. It’s a common misconception that there has to be one. What we are doing is to set reward address of the block proposer as the coinbase of the block, so the block reward goes directly to that address instead of setting the builder address as the coinbase of the block and adding a payment transaction as the last transaction in the block (what Flashbots, Eden, Bloxroute etc. do).

Basically, we ‘enrich’ the value of the block by adding transaction from our private tx/bundle pool to the block and don’t take any cut for it. For some scenarios, we might consider taking a cut, in that case we will have an address where that cut will go it, but at the moment we don’t.

You can also put it this way: we allow (and validate correctly) both approaches, unlike most of the relays.

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