2021.10.05 - Partnerships, Integrations and Community Testing Help!

Partnership with KX.com

We will be publishing a joint press release for our partnership, I just wanted to pre–announce it to the community here as its announcement has been delayed before. Press release from both them and us next week!

KX and kdb+/q

KX Streaming Analytics enables enterprises to capture, store and analyze all their data any time, anywhere – delivering the insight and context for decisions that matter most.

8 of the top 10 Investment Banks in the world use kdb+ for trade execution and management.


KX® and kdb+ are registered trademarks of KX Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of FD Technologies plc.

Account Abstraction via private mempool

Some of you caught this in our last update

Vitalik has officially submitted the EIP for this to be implemented, check it out here: https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/pull/4337

OpenMEV Integration update

We are adopting an additional method for integration (this will help for onboarding new projects/etc).

the sdk-connect package provides an interface to the ‘generic’ private mempool. This means that anyone can use the RPC to submit transactions without having to do any sort of authorization or use legacy signing methods like peronsal_sign / etc.

sdk-relay enables arbitrage refunding on trades. We have also expanded the internal platform to now be able to accept external searchers (on a permissioned basis). This will help ensure that the maximal extracted value is being competitively realized.





SushiSwap Exchange API

You can view the documentation and access the API here through our documentation page


curl -X GET https://7ob2ikxqn7.execute-api.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/dev/swap/assets

This will return all assets that are supported by us

SushiSwap Integration Branch and Help us Test

see https://github.com/manifoldfinance/sushiswap-interface/tree/openmev-master

Testing Help

Want to help us do some tests?

It is very simple: visit https://sushiswap-mev.vercel.app/swap and leave your browser open.

Why? In the background, the front end for SushiSwap continuously polls the backend RPC endpoint (this is our service, api.staging.sushirelay.com/v1). By leaving your browser your simulating load on our service. We have disabled all cache/rate-limiting/CDN services.

RPC Endpoint API

You can view the supported methods via Postman

For now you can access the RPC via: api.staging.sushirelay.com/v1

We will have a separate domain namespace under openmev.org setup

OpenMEV RPC Endpoint Public Supported Interfaces

  • Ethereum JSON-RPC Endpoints:
        - eth_Call
        - eth_GasPrice
        - eth_blockNumber
        - eth_getBlockByNumber
        - eth_getTransactionCount
        - eth_getTransactionReceipt
        - eth_protocolVersion -  // Fallback RPC Method
        - eth_sendRawTransaction
        - eth_sendTransaction_// Legacy usage 
        - net_version - // Fallback RPC method
  • OpenMEV JSON-RPC Endpoints:

      - eth_sendBundle
      - eth_callBundle
      - eth_sendMegaBundle

Eden Network Supported RPC Methods

  • eth_sendPrivateTransaction
  • eth_sendSlotTx
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