OpenMEV is now officially in production - Month 3 Payouts

Milestone: Production Status

In our last community call I spoke about re-implementing our arbitrage engine and infrastructure. That process has been finally seen feature-parity with the existing (and now retired) original implementation. The new on-chain components are not technically required to use in order to operate, although they will be an order of magnitude more helpful both in realizing profits and simplifying the manual payout tasks for rebates (no more batch processing).

Now that we are in feature production, I will outline specific milestones/goals that we will execute over the next 12 weeks:

1: Launch new Sushi Guard Router (OpenMEV Router for arb) 2: Launch new JIT Routing Extension for the Sushi Guard Router 3: Onboard at least 1 new searcher team (we are in talks with 3 right now) 4: Provide preliminary design for Generic OpenMEV Router (permissioned for searchers) 5: Proposal: Re-examine Sushiswap reward payouts in context of OpenMEV surplus 6: Reimburse if proposal 5 accepted (Gauntlet Network/Ch 7: Proposal: Accept new ERC4262 Vault AMM and Router for BentoBox/Kashi/YieldBox 8: Reimburse if proposal 7 accepted


Accumulated Surplus

Covering 41 hours: $23,677.59

MultiSig / Transparency

The Manifold Finance MultiSig is listed below:

We are migrating all developer addresses to use this address going forward. We expect by the end of next week to have net arbitrage profits depositing into the address and that address only (for now).

Surplus payouts:

Should the amount generated from the legacy arbitrage system be rolled over into Month 4’s payouts, or paid out to Month 3, or be used for something else (new stablecoin pairing for FOLD)?


There is a follow up post dealing with non-staking/community related news, updates, etc, that will be posted separately.

If you do not see your address on the spreadsheet please email: sam at

Good to have the multisig. I personally favour rolling the surplus over to month 4

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@sambacha What is the unit of “time_staked” on the spreadsheet? Seconds? It seems off for my address.

Great news! I also favour rolling over the surplus payouts to month 4.

Whats the deal with new stablecoin pairing for FOLD?

Does the $23,677 refer to overall income from those 41 hours, or the amount designated for XFOLD payouts out of a larger total income?

@sambacha I have sent my token to another account and have them there about 25 days but the spreadsheet seems to use around 11 days to calculate the reward. What should I do? Send mail to you?

Yeah, email me ill look into it rn

I sent a mail just now. I will appreciate it if you can check.