Follow-up questions to community call Jan 16th

Following the community call on January 16th '22 (recording pinned in Telegram) there were a few questions for follow-up and things Sam was going to share with us after:

  • Address of gnosis multisig where openMEV revenue will accumulate.

  • More info about a possible ve approach to tokenomics.

  • Agreed that in future community calls should have a list of questions. New managing partner will assist with this.

Please feel free to post any other questions below.

Will the new managing partner be responsible for marketing?

So much potential there, but not much resources dedicated to it.

Would be great to reward some community members for their efforts so far, put some budget toward marketing opportunities, etc.

Wen moon, wen Lambo?

Still trying to find this out now that we are live, any help ?

It’s not been posted yet no