Q4 2021 Roadmap Update and Progress Tracking


Currently dealing with two blocking issues

  • Nethermind Client unable to import new canonical blocks after a reorg
  • OpenMEV.org being listed as a phishing site from MetaMask.

We know the team at Nethermind and already are working on getting this resolved (this is a bigger issue for the client). Metamask recently added opensea.io to its whitelisted domain. registry in its phishing database. This has the effect of flagging any domain with the phrase ‘open*’ as a potential phishing site. We have submitted two fixes, one is simply adding our domains to the same registry, another is a fix for relaxing their fuzz parameters.

Metamask will continue to flag openmev.org as a potential phishing website until they release a new version. You can track MetaMasks upcoming release here: GitHub - MetaMask/metamask-extension at update-v10.2.0-changelog

newheads subscription is missing blocks when a re-org happens

OpenMEV.org listed on MetaMask Phishing Database

Miner Integrations

Both SparkPool and BeePool have informed us of their intent to suspend all services, globally. This means SparkPool and BeePool will no longer be offering mining pool services to anyone, anywhere. In anticipation of their shutdown (as early as tomorrow, Sept 30th), we have depreciated networked access between said pools and the backbone platform.

This does make for some interesting potential plays. Stay tuned

Staking / Strategy Deployments

Deployments later today, will update this post with Rinkeby deployment and Front End.

Strategy Incubation and Grant Program details are being finalized. We are in development with a new possible Yearn Strategy that is not based on farming.

DAO details

We are happy to welcome Barry L. as our new Lead Engineer in charge of implementing the necessary changes to our proposed DAO architecture. The DAO will also include a newer staking method that is based on Chef Nomi’s SushiBar with pool code from SushiSwap MasterChef V2.

Liquidity for $FOLD

We will be putting a proposal for the community on which kind and where they would like to see Liquidity added. Please comment below if you have suggestions!


Thank you for the update! Would you explain what is affected by the blockers?

* Nethermind Client unable to import new canonical blocks after a reorg

It sound like a critical bug of Nethermind. Is it? Do miners specifically need Nethermind client for processing bundle from Manifold?

  • OpenMEV.org being listed as a phishing site from MetaMask.

Does it mean the delivery of the staking functionality will delay?

We require this usage because of nethermind’s support for

eth_getTransactionCount and eth_getBlockTransactionCountByNumber

These two RPC endpoints let us respond to end-user requests for transaction status en masse versus having to concurrently request transaction status updates for users (Go-Ethereum does not have an RPC method for fetching an entire block’s worth of transaction receipts). Open Ethereum is basically dead and Erigion is (until very recently) unstable (meaning rapid development, not poor code quality).

The Metamask issue has been fixed. Nethermind team is already working on a fix.

Had some issues with contract deployment methods yesterday, will have an afternoon update

Thank you for the response. What does “end-user requests for transaction status” mean?

In the above post, I was trying to say that it is great if you write about what will be delayed by the blocker not only explaining about the blocker.

Either way, I appreciate the detailed update.