We Need to Talk About Communication

It is not news that communication is abysmal for this project, Discord is Dead, the forum is dead, telegram is filled with people asking questions and no answers. There are a lot of tweets, but none of them addresses the concerns of the community.

So let me ask some questions (that probably won’t get an answer to):

  • @sambacha what is your preferred method of communication? If telegram sucks for you, then maybe we should just close it and move everyone to discord. Stop fragmenting the community like this. We have no idea where we should speak.
  • Not saying you should read and answer all the shit in telegram, but you have missed some important deadlines which makes people nervous. (FOLD payouts? Compensating lost FOLD tokens?)
  • I opened an issue in github which you responded will be solved one day after that, it has been a few days now, any update?
  • Be more realistic with timelines is all everyone is asking really, and just be honest when something does not go as planned.

Some pretty simple information would stem the tide here! And saying you don’t know is better than silence, imo…

  1. what is the timing of the grafana dashboard

  2. the overarching tokenomics and yield

  3. the payout structure and timing as well as address collecting OpenMEV revenue

Yup, thanks for this - I got rid of the distractions ser.


ser, in all seriousness, losing a GF can be tough, do take some time for urself and don’t think too much about random anons in the internet.

But do give us updates from time to time. :smile: