C.r.e.a.m. creth2

Hi team,

not asking for financial advice, asking about the safety of purchasing creth2 from open market at this time.

As fold holders, we are excited about the cream partnership and also about the chance to buy some creth2, to be first in line for the mevETH migration. Supporting the liquidity and buying off the heavy seller is also supporting the cream community, easing their current anxieties.

Now there were comments that there might have been a snapshot which might put later buyers at some kind of disadvantage.

  • is there any disadvantage if I buy creth2 versus creth2 holders from months ago


Thanks for posting. There won’t be a snapshot. crETH2 will be redeemable for mevETH at a rate that reflects the underlying ETH plus accumulated staking rewards. More details, including about the precise exchange rate, should be out very soon.

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Any updates on when the conversion can be done?