Discussion: We own 6 LobsterDAO NFT's

Lobster NFT’s

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Manifold Finance is now the proud owner of 6 LobsterDAO NFT’s https://etherscan.io/token/0x026224a2940bfe258d0dbe947919b62fe321f042?a=0x086132af06003626b03b850bead54f5ca68543b0

This address currently holds them These were generated in the course of my work for Manifold Finance; ergo, they belong to all token holders.

The total cost in claiming them (ETH) was less than $1,100 USD.

The current value is at around $204,000 USD

What should we do?

Note: this is not a vote to do anything, instead it is an informal poll to find what people are thinking


Sell most and buy a BAYC ape. Would be cool to have one as Manifold.


Use the funds to add liquidity on the ETH/FOLD or USDC/FOLD pair on Sushiswap.

If we can’t agree on that: Make a snapshot of all wallets that hold FOLD from before this post, and share the funds equally to everyone who holds more than 1 FOLD. That’s like 1000 holders, so everyone gets around $200.


This, either use the funds for liquidity provision or to do something for the whole community that hold more than 1 FOLD, regardless of what it is.

Use it to provide liquidity on Sushi

Snapshot anyone who holds over 10 Fold (to avoid dust issue). Distribute to them.

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Generally, communities reward their early supporters for loyalty towards the project. I would propose that people who held >10 FOLD tokens since a date like 15 June/July (when it costed ~$10-12/fold, hence a $100 investment for example) be rewarded with the proceeds equally. We held strong when price went as low as $4. Many of those people would in fact use the proceeds to market buy more fold as well. I know I certainly would at least :slight_smile:

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It would be $200 per person for 1000 holders ser. Seems like you added an extra 0 there :slight_smile: I think people with >10 Fold since an early date should get rewarded for their belief in the project and holding through any fud/dips with conviction.

I believe that we should not use this to add liquidity.

  1. We all know very well that in addition to a single asset staking, we will also be able to provide liquidity to the FOLD-ETH pair.

2. I believe that we should not reward the hodlers with these measures.

For us, the greatest reward will be the development of the protocol, thanks to which we will earn more USDC.

I think that this capital should be spent on audits, protocol development, marketing and looking for new integrations.


Might also be good to spend it on marketing.

I’m sure there’s people in the community who are down to help.

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You’re right ser, fixed it

Alternatively, if team wants to share the reward with newcomers as well, it could be done in such a way where people who held >10 Fold since a fixed date in June/July and >100 Fold after that date are eligible. I lean towards rewarding early supporters in greater proportion because rewarding loyalty sets a good precedent and is beneficial for ones who have held with conviction & belief in the team’s ability to deliver.

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First of all, Sam you are such a gentleman to offer your lobsters to Manifold community. Congrats.

I would say keep one Lobster for yourself. The other 5 should not be sold. The rewards of incoming airdrop will be much more I believe.

We should use those airdrop as an incentive for holders and future holders. I also think we should incentives hodlers more when Fold was below 10 usd and hold it.


I agree with Zgred: “spend it on audits, protocol development, marketing and looking for new integrations”


Why don’t you keep them for yourself?

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it should be spent on marketing

I’ll agree with this. If the funds from this haven’t been allocated, I vote for a big marketing push.

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It is neat to have a leader who even brings this up, is this transparent, considering devs/builders who think it’s their ‘God given right’ to keep alpha when they run across it in their duties lol

Community call should be arranged this week, what time do you suggest

i leave time up to you because we are all anyway from different timezones so we won’t find good time for all, its better to have you well rested