DomoDAO: Staking FOLD and 1st Month Incentives + Sushi Relay


DomoDAO is the Staking apparatus for Manifold Finance

See the github repo here


Technically due to the way the payouts are structured the first 30 days would have zero eligible payouts: meaning there is no incentive to stake. We must vote on the amount to payout for staking, ergo we are formally proposing a matching payout for sushiswap’s first month which means 250,000 of FOLD will be paid out as valued for the last 7 dma as taken on 12/1/21.

  • 250,000$ of FOLD valued using the 7 Day Moving Average as measured on 12/1/21 for the first staking period that starts on 12/1/21 for 30 days.

Sushi Relay

Sushi Relay has had some operational fixes during testing, Will go live in the next couple days. Here is a glimpse of the dashboard, which is not currently public. We will make available a dashboard similar to this that will have metrics more useful for end users (such as transactions per hour, how many transactions are processed that have been arbitraged vs just sent, etc).

Voting for Staking Incentives

  • Yes on 250k Incentives for first Month for Staking
  • No, we want more than 250k for Incentives

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$250k for the first month imo. this is the first time(as far as I know) that FOLD is going to be officially implemented. nothing wrong in taking extra precautions to make sure everything works fine in live production.

@sambacha Why do you want us to stake in the first place while there is no revenue to payout? Is it some kind of testing? If there is no specific goal other than compensating FOLD holders for the delay, we could use that for different purposes like incentivizing liquidity.

As this is proposal is essentially just a HODL FOLD incentive, I’d like to suggest a lockup for staked FOLD tokens through the end-of-the-month for first “epoch” FOLD stakers to receive the incentive payout. Late stakers would receive a prorated payout.

Stakes would be able to un-stake, but they would forfeit any accrued FOLD staking rewards.

Just a thought.

It would be great to have a significant incentive for early stakers to hold throughout the whole 30 days - if there can be some rule to get an “extra pot” of fold paid out, that would be a nice gesture to reward us early investors (who haven’t bought in at low TGE prices, but some at 50-70 usd, some at 30 usd etc.)

Why can’t we just double/increase the share of the first staking rewards for those that stake starting this Wednesday? That way there is more incentive to stake. Simply give the most rewards to those that have staked the longest.

@sambacha Copy and past from telegram channel just in case. I did propose the alternative and was meant bonding over pool 2 as others mentioned. What do you think about applying for Olympus pro?

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