Proposal: Compensate Lost Tokens by transfer

Users lost access to their tokens after unstaking on dapp, XFOLD has been burned and FOLD wasn’t sent to them back. instead of sending FOLD to their addresses, FOLD was sent to manifold contract address. tx example Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

complete list of addresses that lost access due to this bug (burn label)

this issue is connected to #21 although users are no longer affected by this bug people who lost due to it still aren’t given their tokens back.

see 7 users lost access to their tokens after unstaking on dapp during 22-24 December · Issue #26 · manifoldfinance/staking · GitHub

Hello, i am a user who was affected. I unstaked via the manifold dapp. Here is a screenshot of my internet history, to show the two occassionals i used this dapp to unstake. If there is a way to verify the IP i can work with you to show that i used the dapp to unstake log — ImgBB.

Please help me get back my funds, this is a lot of money for me :(.

I staked with 1,096.156 FOLD:

I unstaked 546.16 XFOLD this step only burnt XFOLD and did not return FOLD :

I now have 549.99 XFOLD remaining and no FOLD .

Is any other information needed? Thank you

I have been following this issue in the telegram and it seems clear to me that compensation should be issued.

Yes these users should have their fold refunded asap

Yep, also been following in telegram the user should be given their Fold tokens back.

im for, they should be refunded

@sambacha What was the cause for several users to loose their fund?

We will schedule a community call this week and discuss this proposal amongst other topics as well, will detail monday

happy to vote yes. where?

Hello, I also lost all my fold after Unstaking and never received anything back. Here’s a screenshot on my etherscan transaction. And I also have a screenshot on my MetaMask wallet. Hopefully this get sorted out I’ved been invested since June 1st and have high hopes for the project. Happy New

please email me your addresses,

Ok Just emailed you my address.

I think he deserves to be compensated too.

Yes, they should be returned their funds.

Agreed that these tokens should be refunded. There is no real debate in my mind: a project supplied interface failed. Why an investor should be punished for that is hard to imagine


I am one of the users affected by this contract issue.

Been trying to resolve this for 9 months…

Sent 5 emails, no answers.

Countless Messages on Telegram to the point where it’s getting ridiculous.

Best Answer i got after 9 months was “Clear cache and try again”.

Could you please kindly resolve this asap, and arrange compensation.

Tx Proof :


Thank you.

Hey, where did you get my txn?

testing something 123


Please take some time to resolve my issue, i’ve been waiting more than 10 months for a refund.

Let’s be responsible here and provide some guidance.


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