Metamask Confusing xFOLD with USDC


I’m having an issue where Metamask seems to want to treat my xFOLD as USDC.

I’ve tried bridging USDC from ETH to other networks using both Wormhole, and Anyswap, and in both cases, when I click “approve USDC” on their UI, but when metamask pops up, instead of offering me to approve USDC, it asks me if I’m sure I want to give this app access to my xFOLD.

It’s a little inconvenient because the only way around it is to swap into USDT, which involves a second expensive transaction on the ETH network.

Any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile: thanks!

its not quite like that. it is just that USDC in your wallet was named XFOLD, but actually its still USDC.

click on that xfold in your wallet, in top right corner click 3 dots and choose “Hide xfold”

now you can click on import token, add usdc there and voila

now if you want to view your xfolds you need to click again on import token, choose custom token and paste this in contract address field 0x454BD9E2B29EB5963048cC1A8BD6fD44e89899Cb

Okay, thanks mate, I will give this a try! I appreciate it.

let me know if you were able to fix it

MM sucks, try XDEFI Wallet