Guide: How to Stake FOLD for xFOLD

FOLD/xFOLD Staking

This guide is a direct interface with no UI. In the comments below we will write up a post mortem on the UI issue that caused delays. This also ensures that the community can always directly interact with the staking contract.

Staking Guide

Staking is a three step process:

First: We must approve the FOLD contract to move tokens to the xFOLD

Second: We must approve the xFOLD contract as the spender so we can mint

Third: We must mint xFOLD using the FOLD that was moved and vote for an operator

We will directly interface with the contract using etherscan. You will connect using Metamask or what ever web3 wallet provider connection.

FOLD Token Contract: Manifold Finance: FOLD Token | 0xd084944d3c05cd115c09d072b9f44ba3e0e45921

DomoDAO/xFOLD Contract: DictatorDAO | 0x454BD9E2B29EB5963048cC1A8BD6fD44e89899Cb

1: FOLD Contract address

Go to:

  • First click ‘Connect to Web3’

  • Under Approve Add ‘xFOLD’ contract address as spender (address)

xFOLD: 0x454BD9E2B29EB5963048cC1A8BD6fD44e89899Cb

  • Under ‘amount (uint256)’ add your amount of FOLD tokens

  • Click the ‘+’ Sign to Add Zeroes

  • Add 10^18 Zeros (ERC20)


I want to add 400 FOLD tokens

The amount will be 400000000000000000000 FOLD tokens

Click ‘Write’ Transaction

You have successfully approved FOLD tokens to be moved to the xFOLD contract

2: Approve xFOLD

Next we go to the xFOLD/DomoDAO/DictatorDAO contract:

We add the FOLD token contract address as spender and put in the amount that we did in step 1 for amount.

  • Under Approve Add ‘FOLD’ contract address as spender (address)

FOLD: 0xd084944d3c05cd115c09d072b9f44ba3e0e45921

Use the same amount as you did in step 1 for the amount.

Example Transaction: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

3: Mint xFOLD using FOLD and Vote for Operator

The Manifold Finance Deployer address is the OPERATOR you must vote for:

0xA0766B65A4f7B1da79a1AF79aC695456eFa28644 = OPERATOR


You have successfully staked FOLD for xFOLD. To unstake xFOLD you will burn xFOLD and receive FOLD back.


FOLD Contract: 0xd084944d3c05cd115c09d072b9f44ba3e0e45921
xFOLD Contract: 0x454BD9E2B29EB5963048cC1A8BD6fD44e89899Cb
Operator Address: 0xA0766B65A4f7B1da79a1AF79aC695456eFa28644


Add your Ethereum address to the end of this URL if you want to check your balances after Minting:

etherscan token/0x454BD9E2B29EB5963048cC1A8BD6fD44e89899Cb?a=<YOUR_ETH_ADDRESS>

without the < >

staking works easy, but can’t unstake. im getting hit with a warning and a 6k gas fee that says will likely fail. please advise.

This isn’t acceptable, tbh. I’m fine with operating directly with the contracts, but 95% of token holders will not be comfortable or proficient enough to follow these instructions.

Please pursue additional development resources as needed if there are UI/technical issues that are blocking deployment of the staking UI.

Sam is doing everything so we can stake as soon as possible, and you are saying that this is unacceptable? lol, do you think he is too lazy to do the ui and that is why he wrote this guide or what? he is just trying to get you to finally stop assblasting about delays, yet u still have a problem, if it was possible the ui would have been there a long time ago, but you all live in your world as if the team does nothing and ignores the work.


How is it not acceptable? Safe to assume that this is just for the people who really really wanted to do staking right off the bat. We’re not being forced to manually stake.

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just an update here, if I am reading the contract correctly, it looks like there is a 24hr lock after minting and I expect to be able to unstake after 24hrs…

You really veered quite far from what I actually said. I don’t think that Sam is lazy-- quite the opposite! He’s a super-dev.

I understand delays happen. I also definitely appreciate the difficulty in coordinating development and implementation with a decentralized community, especially one with ongoing organizational issues.

My point was that most users need a functioning UI to really enable staking. Honestly, there still haven’t been clear communications about actual staking mechanics-- lockup period, when disbursements are made, etc.

My request was the Sam seek additional dev resources is that he needs help. IMO, he’s trying to take on too much personally and needs more bandwidth.

Staking dapp is live. Rewards will be distributed after the 30 day period.

Can you stake to the operator address via the app yet?