Zapper staking integration

Hey guys, I recently opened a PR on the Zapper Studio GitHub so the staked xFOLD balances are also accounted for in their app.

PR : https :// ( can’t post links )

This shouldn’t require any maintenance from the team unless the staking contract is modified.

If in the future there is a claim contract/function implemented in order to claim staking rewards, that can also be added on Zapper to be visible.

The PR has been validated in Discord chat with one of their devs and should be merged september 2nd.

As per Sam Bacha in Telegram suggested, I made this post to submit my work for a community grant :pray:

ETH ENS : clonescody.eth

Thanks guys, happy to be on board :man_mage:


Update : merged


:wave: welcome to our sphere of influence, you are most appreciated for taking this initiative! How can we best compensate you for your tine and effort (and more strictly the risk you took)?

Just responded to you on TG, sorry for the delay, we have been busy , would very much be interested in more of this sort of stuff!


No problem ! Bear market is for building !

The implementation in itself was okay to do, the longest part ended up being researching and figuring out what to display and where to get the infos properly.

If possible getting some FOLD in exchange would be great, bullish on the project those will go straight to staking. At current rate of 72$ /FOLD, 3 FOLDs for the integration sounds like a fair amount.

As you said, if you have some more “side stuff” needed ( more on Zapper/bots/graphs etc ) feel free to contact me on TG.

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